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by BlackRoseLolita (rubylolita)
at December 30th, 2009 (09:19 pm)

Zombie and Shout and Bites from Versailles!

(Rest in peace...Jasmine You...)

CYENZ ~ 「 シンティア フランシズカ 」 [userpic]
claim 8 songs..
by CYENZ ~ 「 シンティア フランシズカ 」 (misscyenz)
at October 15th, 2009 (02:52 pm)
current song: Kagrra, - Rin (Isshi-less) | Powered by Last.fm

Hello there! :)

I'd like to claim :

alice nine - sleepwalker
alice nine - hana
alice nine - mirror ball

bounty - love suite

D - barairo no hibi

gazette - distress and coma

MUCC - ageha

versailles - the revenant choir

thanks a lot! :D

by BlackRoseLolita (rubylolita)
at October 9th, 2009 (10:16 pm)

 I'd also like to claim:
Akatsuki and Gradation from Alice Nine.
The WORLD  from Nightmare
Vanilla from Gackt
( If any one of these are taken, then i'd like to replace it with Cynical from GLAY).

This broken sanity still shines for me... [userpic]
by This broken sanity still shines for me... (shoutsandbites)
at September 23rd, 2009 (11:50 am)

Hello, I'd like to claim 'Monophobia' and 'Solitude' by Moi Dix Mois <3

Missed a song?
by BlackRoseLolita (rubylolita)
at September 22nd, 2009 (08:22 pm)

Does the song Night Breed from Moi Dix Mois count? If so, I'd like to claim it, if  that's okay.

Valerie [userpic]
by Valerie (true_yet_false)
at February 7th, 2009 (05:04 pm)

I want to claim alice nine.'s songs:

1. 昴 (Subaru)
2. Drella
3. Waterfall

jiyeon04 [userpic]
by jiyeon04 (jiyeon04)
at December 30th, 2008 (08:02 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: SID - Izon no Niwa | Powered by Last.fm

Can i claim...

SID - Dear Toyko
SID - Binetsu
Sid - Hanabira (ハナビラ)

Thanks! ^^

at December 30th, 2008 (11:47 am)

current mood: awake
current song: 大塚愛 - Pocket | Powered by Last.fm

"Vivid Colors", "NEXUS 4", & "MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM" by L'arc~en~ciel! :3.. if they aren't already claimed. Wewtles.

by Capricorn (capri_cious)
at December 29th, 2008 (02:35 pm)

Can I claim those songs, pleaaase? ^^
- White room by Nightmare;
- Flashback by D=OUT;
- Scorpio by The TRAX.
(Too bad, I came too late to claim alice nine.'s Lemon! TT)

Funeral Bouquet [userpic]
Claiming Songs
by Funeral Bouquet (funeralbouquet)
at November 16th, 2008 (08:01 pm)

current location: Live Journal
current mood: content
current song: Deathgaze- shi sakura

May I claim these songs:

12012 - Wana

D - Yami no Kuni no Alice

girugamesh - Kowareteiku Sekai

LM.C - *Boost+Busterz*

Moi dix Mois - Unmoved

Sadie - Psycho Culture

Schwarz Stein - Addictive Epieurean

Versailles - Zombie

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